Started work on nodes for uEye cameras by ids-imaging

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i’m currently implementing a lot of methods for that sdk. things like SetBinning, SetFramerate, etc.

at the moment those are small process nodes that i assemble for my special usecase here. i think at some point we can join forces and make a single useable node out of those.

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is this just working with cameras from IDS’s “UI” lineup?


Hi sebl, gigE and USB ?


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there’s a new nuget available with a preview of the reworked lib.

not all features are ported yet and there are breaking changes.
however, the new design should be much faster and safer. if everything works well, the missing features can be ported easily

so, please report issues and feedback

there’s now a component-based system where you connect desired features upstream to the ueye node. use CTRL + to add more feature pins.

goodie is that it also comes with an inspector that allows you to control the features in a visual way. the values for the features can also be set via patch, which takes precedence and should be done for reloading settings on patch startup. so, use the inspektor for exploring good values and then set them in patch might be a best practice.

see video (which already is a bit outdated)


the inspektor thingie is dope!

1 Like is up which fixes lots of stuff and is now able to change pixelformat on the fly.

looking stable for me… if there’s testers out there, please report


some major changes happened and there’s 0.2.14-alpha available for testing. this needs at least gamma 2020.1-032 and ids driver 4.93 (also the starter firmware must match - check ids camera manager)

hey Sebl
error thrown by the command line
same goes for 0.2.14 and 0.2.15
Attempting to gather dependency information for package ‘VL.Devices.uEye.0.2.14-
alpha’ with respect to project ‘C:\Users\lap\AppData\Local\vvvv\gamma\nugets’, t
argeting ‘Any,Version=v0.0’
Unable to load the service index for source
An error occurred while sending the request.
Unable to connect to the remote server
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 148

What are you doing to get that error? (As detailed as possible)

sorry for the too quick message but finally i found that:
when installing the nuget from command line on a Windows 8.1 machine i get those errors
in fact with any nuget packages (not this particular one)

From a fresh windows 10 no worry, i keep you posted on the ueye lib after my tests