bonjour all,

recently started working on a VL plugin to interact with SICK LIDARs. If you wanna use it, go to VL’s command line and type

nuget install VL.Devices.SICK -prerelease

You’ll find a simple help patch that just displays the points from the LIDAR and allows to measure the distance between two points.

You’ll find the source code on this Github repo.

For now there’s just this monolithic node that spits a spread of 2D vectors, but I’d like to go towards something more flexible/modular.

So if you have suggestions, comments, please shout, fork, pr, whatever :)

UPDATE : you can now send commands to the LIDAR such as Reboot, Login, ReadDeviceStatus and also configure its angular resolution and frequency. Also added an help patch that shows those. It works pretty cool but sometimes the LIDAR becomes unresponsive when you send commands while it’s polling data.




can confirm polling data also works with LMS 500 Pro right out of the box, but sending commands does not. had to use SOPAS Engineering Tool to setup my device.

regarding your “bug” - the manual states that the scanner will go offline when receiving certain commands. So I guess everything works as it should.

Hey !

Thanks for the feedback!

Sending commands works fine on an LMS-1XX here, but not on a TIM-5XX, so I guess only “high end” models are able to receive commands.

Glad it’s working fine for you.

Hm, seems to be unstable here. Stops tracking after 2 to 4 hours without throwing any exception in the windows event viewer or the vvvv console. Tested on Gamma 2019.2.0-0026 and 2019.1.0-0827. Have to log off windows for gamma OR beta to work again.

I tried beta38 with VL, but the example patches are not working.
Some dependendies from core.lib.basics.vl are missing.

wow, this is weird. I experienced some short drops here, but no such thing as a total stop in the reception. any chance you can enable RuntimePauseOnError to spot where that comes from?

regarding beta, I never tried this plugin with it.