bonjour all,

recently started working on a VL plugin to interact with SICK LIDARs. If you wanna use it, go to VL’s command line and type

nuget install VL.Devices.SICK -prerelease

You’ll find a simple help patch that just displays the points from the LIDAR and allows to measure the distance between two points.

You’ll find the source code on this Github repo.

For now there’s just this monolithic node that spits a spread of 2D vectors, but I’d like to go towards something more flexible/modular.

So if you have suggestions, comments, please shout, fork, pr, whatever :)

UPDATE : you can now send commands to the LIDAR such as Reboot, Login, ReadDeviceStatus and also configure its angular resolution and frequency. Also added an help patch that shows those. It works pretty cool but sometimes the LIDAR becomes unresponsive when you send commands while it’s polling data.