VL.Devices.Realsense with 2021.4.9 and D455 RealSense - More sensors on Gamma

Hello everyone!
I’m a beta user learning gamma :)
In particular I would like to develop a project using RealSense in Gamma, without Nuitrack.
Now I’m testing the system with a single RealSense, but in my final project I would like to use more sensors (maybe 2, maybe 4, maybe 8, it depends on software possibilities)…

Has anyone already tested vvvv gamma with multiple RealSenses?
Does anyone have any case studies or tests?

From an hardware point of view it’s possible to control more RealSenses with a pc, I would like to know Gamma potentials and limits with this…

Thank you very much!

Hi Martina,

as far as I know @readme has worked with multiple RealSense cameras.
Hope he can share some insights.


I hope so :)

Thank you!

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