Quick update:

The nodeset has introduced FaceHD support (prone to changes in the near future).

Also the Skeleton node’s Joint data is now a data type of its own, for an example on how to work with it see the “Work with Skeleton Data” help patch.



Another little update (version 0.1.44 which will require a recent VL >= 2019.1-0321): Internals have been simplified thanks to new resources nodes and the point cloud is now allocation free. Check the help patch and see Skia rendering >50K points without any hickups (finally).


Minor update: previously hidden Overview help patch is now visible under Learn/Explanations in the Help Browser.

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Hey rava, just testing your library because the beta version has some limits it seems. i’m primarly interested in the face tracking. is only one face possible ? couldnt find any info about the face tracking count. is there a limit ?

hey @u7angel, as far as Face goes you should be getting one face per detected player (6 max as far as I know). FaceHD works with a single player I believe.

Hope that helps.

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