VL.Devices.DigiCamControl does not work with Canon t7i

Hi everyone! I want to use VL.Devices.DigiCamControl but it is not working for me.

I am using it in Windows 10, VL version 2021.3.3, VL.Devices.DigiCamControl.0.1.3-alpha and the camera is Canon T7i

the problem is that when I take a photo, I successfully completed “FileSettings”, “Save to Camera = True” and “Save to Directory = True”. The camera is crashed and when I turn off the camera. the following error appears on the screen
“Recording … Remaining image: 1”

If I select only “Save to Camera = True”, the photo is saved in the camera, but then it does not let me take more photos. The next photo I take doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t do anything.

All other settings work correctly, if I change APerture, ISONumber, ShutterSpeed ​​and others change in camera correctly …

The only detail you see is that when I click on “Get All Settings”, in the “Captured File Path” field it says null

How can I do a better report to find the error easier? Is there a way to get a log to get more details on the problem?

Thank you!

This isn’t simply a software problem. I have encountered a similar issue. Here is a suggestion: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EOS/quot-Recording-Remaining-images-quot-communication-problem-on-5D/td-p/287330

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