VL Device Plug From dll - IDS Camera Plugin

Hello Dear vl devs and users,

In a way to push myself to learn more vl , i thought of a quite common situation where you need a new device camera etc plug in a project and you need a c# plug for it.

But this time will be vl , the main purpose of this is real exercise practice learning ;D

I think it will be useful for other learners too.

I decided to choose IDS camera is the perfect choice since there are already plugins around to have as reference in v4 as little helper and it is got Dotnet dll and texture handling etc. also good documentation.

I have started it with what i think are the core starting parts and features , although it needs proper nodes connection , and find out many things like how to get the data from texture and convert to vvvv textures.

if you are eager to help and join with this little adventure, it would be great ¡¡

i attached patch + dll and dotnet manual and here more manual and c# examples from IDS in case useful.

uEye_DotNET_Manual.zip (2.8 MB)

IDS_VL.zip (264.4 KB)

Heyho, have you seen this? https://github.com/vvvv/VL.Devices.uEye

I also forked this already to test some modular approach at some point…

hi sebl, no i did not see that ,great ¡¡

hehe so it is already done , i,ll have a look and see what i understand.

thank you ¡¡