VL.CoreLib.IO HowTo File Process throws Access is denied exception

Trying out the VL.CoreLib.IO HowTo File Process on (installed) gamma 177 I got his exception when trying to read from the file:

Same happens on:

  • HowTo Read Chunks
  • HowTo Read Write The Same File
  • HowTo Write Chunk
  • HowTo Write Collected Data
  • HowTo Write Raw Bytes
  • HowTo Write Strings

and seemingly others (XML to JSON howto, etc)

yes, known problem. all demo files should be placed in the user folder, since program files is protected for normal users.

Hi @ravazquez,

would you please to test the demos again with your gamma installed under Program Files?
The demos, that need to write into a file, automatically create a file in the temp directory.


Fixed indeed, thanks!

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