bon matin!

as shown during yesterday’s meetup, here’s VL.ColourLovers, a handy utility node that allows to search for cool color palettes from ColourLovers.com and use them in your patch, all from vvvv.

Features :

  • Search for palettes by keyword/and or color
  • Double-click a palette in the search results and simply do CTRL+V in your patch to paste it as an RGBA Spread IOBox
  • If searching by color, either set the color manually with the color widget, or press CTRL+T to enable the color-picker and double click anywhere on your screen to grab the color under your mouse pointer.
  • You can mark palettes as favorites and find them in the “Favorites” tab. Those can be exported to an XML file so you can re-use them in another project

As you can see there’s a small glitch when showing search results, will investigate that…

To install, go to gamma’s command line and type

nuget install VL.ColourLovers -pre

It comes with a small help patch explaining all the features.

Please shout here or on Github if you have any issues/suggestions!



Hi sebescudie! nice contribution, i did years ago an integration in v4 much more basic this looks awesome.
im testing the nuget iin latest preview and seems doesnt work, wich version of gamma is recomended?
Great work!

@AKa-visuals Hey there! Thanks for the feedback!

Indeed, I’m getting a 403 - Forbidden error here, investigating…

EDIT: OK, this is odd. I have no issue making an API call from a web browser, but I’m getting a 403 error with the HTTPGet node and from a python script… I just saw someone posted a similar issue on ColourLover’s forums a few days ago, will keep you posted if I see something!

P-PS: Just sent an email to ColourLovers, let’s see if they get back to me!

Edit May 21: I’ve been exchanging emails with the people from ColourLovers and indeed, something has changed on their side. I’m waiting for answers, will update soon as I hear from them!