VL Clamp confusion

I’m trying to get the hang of VL, but I’m confused when it comes to the behaviour of the Clamp node… I’ve watched and patched along with the vimeo examples, but when implementing my own things I’m running to a cryptic error with the Clamp nodes… (using VVVV50beta35)

I’m trying to build a simple vehicle (like the Wanderer (2d animation) ), however instead of the mirroring behaviour of the Wanderer, I need the position of the vehicle to clamp within screen coordinates. In the particlesystem example this is done in the ForEach region, with RectContainsPoint, whose result is put into a Keep Sink (I hope i’m describing this correctly, I’m still trying to get the hang of VL terminology). But I’m a bit lost how to implement this behaviour when not using a ForEach Region. I patched it up like the image below (which works for the Mirror node), but the Clamp node gives me a ‘No implementation found for > [Adaptive]’ error.

Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong?

Fresh set of eyes in the morning, managed to fix it myself :-)

hi jasper nice find, this is indeed a bug in the library… the vectors have Clamp with Min/Max defined, but only the Vector4 has the Clamp (Range) node, that you used in the first screenshot.

fixed in alpha and upcoming release > beta35.1

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