VL Callback Registration in Zoom C# library

Hi! Can you help me wih it? Not sure I’m doing something wrong or not. Some troubles with delegates I think.

Auth1 Auth2 Auth3 Auth4 Auth5

Only x86!
ZoomAppTest.zip (6.7 KB)

I think you’re hitting a known limititation of VL here that the type of its delegate region is either System.Action or System.Func but not any delegate defined out there in the world. And as it seems this zoom library is full of custom defined delegates. So I fear you’ll have to write little C# wrappers for those nodes where you wanna provide a delegate from within VL.
Noted that the error message is really bad.


@Elias, thanks for the explanation! I thought that it may be a limitation and It was true.
Is it solid limitation, by architecture or it could be changed in future? It’s very interesting engineering detail, i think.

I’ll try suggested approaches. Wrapper around wrapper)

@Elias And Could you take a look at C# code? Is it possible in theory to fork original wrapper without a lot of issues?

Here’s a made up example

public delegate float SomeDelegate(float x, float y);

public static class OriginalLib
    public static void SomeMethod(SomeDelegate foo);

public static class Wrapper
    public static void SomeMethod(Func<float, float, float> foo)
        return OriginalLib.SomeMethod((x, y) => foo(x, y));

@Elias thanks

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