Vl.badmapper how to use projector calibrator

hi all,

when opening the helppatches I had no projector preview

there is no calibration file included, and this was the last helppatch I opened.
would be nice to see something right out of the box.

I tried creating a calibration file. I selected the edgepoints of the surface I want to map.
Is this how it is supposed to work? how do I move the edge points from the projector’s pov?

or is this still wip?


there’s a bug using latest nuget and latest stable 2021.4.8
you need to select / deselct 3d points multiple times to make them appear in the 2d renderer
you could also try CTRL+Y / CTRL+U
then you can save the pcb file and use it in other help patches.

a reset point / reset all points function could be nice here

great contrib btw!!!

yes, generally this is still wip. but i’ve just pushed a new version 0.0.10-alpha with a few improvements for the ProjectorCalibrator. so please try again, demo calibration file is now also there.

thx for the update! all helppatches show the mapped output now and I am able to calibrate my projector!

@joreg some plan for a multiple projectors with blending help patch ?

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