VL.Audio with Audio coming from VL.Happlayer

having weird behavior whit AudioPlayer and Audio from HapPlayer. While looping a sound file in AudioPlayer and adding to the AudioSignal (with “+”) from AudioPlayer the AudioSignal coming from HapPlayer, the AudioSignal from the HapPlayer starts interrupting after a while. like literally stopping and starting and stopping again and so on. after Seeking the Video it runs again smoothly for a while, the stops appear very randomly. What kinda solved it was enabling the Framedrops in the HapPlayer Node. Using WASAPI driver, VL.Audio version 1.0.9 and VL.HapPlayer version 2.3.1 in VVVV Gamma 2021.4.7-0900. Any hints or same experiences?

Hi! Can you provide a patch demonstrating that behavior?

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