Forum wasapi


I was just trying out and for our simple project it looks great but it would be handy to be able to create a project that doesn’t’ rely on Asio4all.

If our clients change their machines they have to reinstall Asio4All each time, so we’d like to keep it simple for them and us.

I see that there is the beginnings of a Wasapi-based engine under the hood, though I doubt I have time to figure out how to implement it (needed this afternoon and I have other features to work on). Therefore I probably won’t use this time around but its otherwise a classy contribution I look forward to diving into privately.

here is some more info on that:

Hmm, I see, I had a look at the VLAudio repo and it seems to be using the Despite the lack of loopback it isn’t so important in my case of simply playing audio as and when.

I saw in VLAudio that the wasapi is sort of there but unimplemented. It references the dlls so I took a look in the repo of yours and the publicly facing one hasn’t been updated in over a year. I guess you may have another repo of it somewhere or a non public development branch, but in the mean time I can’t see how you’ve got it working in vvvv beta.

Hmm, I should’ve looked a bit harder. The branch was at the bottom, tagged as stale: