VL.Audio v2a

Hi all!
making sounds inside vvvv is so great, and i hope to continue this practice with gamma.

VL.Audio is running ok here, but one very important thing seems to be missing:
V2A node to convert a value to audio, just necessary for simple things like changing volume etc

i cannot find anything like that in VL.Audio

can anyone help with that?

thank you

Yes, this is simply missing… But we are planning an update before the NODE20 festival which should include it.


great, can’t wait to play with the sounds!

also hope wavetable and vst nodes may appear someday

latest VL.Audio now comes with v2a and wavetable. no vst yet.

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unfortunately it does’not work for me, AudioEngine is red and its Driver pin tells “Driver: no type”. Cannot choose the driver

confirmed, smth went wrong in the last build…on it

latest version is now 0.1.30 and it should work. sorry for the hickup.

yes, everything is fine! many thanks!

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