VL.Audio UI Export bug in vvvv gamma 6.2


When you export a patch in vvvv gamma 6.2 using VL.Audio and the SettingsUI node, running the exe will result in a crash.


If the UI shows up later in the application, the crash will be silent.

As a workaround, the VL.ImGui dependency needs to be added explicitly, exported application then contains the required DLL and works fine afterwards.

I think it could make sense to split the SettingsUI to a separate package that explicitly depends on ImGui. Always including cimgui.dll with VL.Audio isn’t necessary if the UI is not used.

Below are test patches with ImGui dependency and without.

AudioExportTest-Working.vl (6.9 KB)

AudioExportTest-NotWorking.vl (6.8 KB)

Thanks for that report. we indeed now split packages in VL.Audio (without dependencies) and VL.Audio.UI (with dependencies on imgui, skia and also stride because of a shader used in the visualizer hde extension…this maybe will need another split at some point…)