VL.Audio.GPL not compatible with 2022.5?

It seems that VL.Audio.GPL does not yet work with the 2022.5 preview. We are seeing an error where it says that it cannot find the file BTrackCLI.dll.

It works fine in the 2021.4 version with the same version of VL.Audio.GPL

Thanks for investigating.

That is very well possible. The btrack dll is a native x64 dll (based on a c++ library with a c++/cli wrapper) that is not platform independent.
Actually I don’t know how to upgrade it to make it compatible with. Net6. Any hints from the devvvs how to deal with this situation?

I think @tonfilm managed to fix it, or at least we got it running with 2022.5 in the end. I seem to remember he compiled an updated version of the btrack dll.

That was the HID library for the space mouse. We “fixed” the Audio.GPL by removing everything that was using it… :⁠-⁠\

thanks for the hint. please try latest vl.audio.gpl preview nuget for 2022.5 preview builds.

but how can i install the previous version to work with 2021.4.12 (current stable one)?
this nuget is crashing it NuGet Gallery | VL.Audio.GPL 1.1.1-preview
before it was ok, i guess it was 1.1.0 or 1.0.0 of audio.gpl

and, by the way, how to “roll back” or uninstall just installed nugets? it was somewhere on forums but i cannot find. some nugets install or update other dependencies and i can’t know which exactly (if not make a screenshot of the commandline installation process)
so if i just installed a nuget and then have errors, what to do (besides reinstalling gamma)?

oh yes, installing vl.audio.gpl without -pre worked. it got me VL.Audio.GPL.1.0.0
but i had to erase all nugets and reinstall gamma to get rid of errors with other packages

so the second question remains actual i guess…

hey ain,
info about this is here: Managing NuGets | vvvv gamma documentation

generally: rolling back is at this point still a rather manual and tedious process since you need to clear versions of nugets laying around yourself.

to learn about the dependencies of a nuget you can browse their dependencies on nuget.org like e.g: NuGet Gallery | VL.Audio.GPL 1.1.1-preview
but beware: dependencies may also have dependencies…

re-installing vvvv gamma should actually never be necessary in such cases. it is always save to simply delete your C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\vvvv\gamma\nugets folder and start with a fresh set of nugets.

thank you!

yes i’ve easily found that folder with “manage nugets / show installed” and deleted that vl.audio.gpl, but the errors persisted. it were that “dependencies of dependencies”, exactly. then i’ve deleted all the nugets. and only after reinstalling gamma and having the nugets folder empty i realized that none of them was essential and it wasn’t really necessary

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