VL and Rekorder - Filter output NaN

Filter output NaN when I use the GIF Rekorder in VVVV.


  • Open the v4p file RekorderBug.zip (14.7 KB)

  • create a Rekorder node in VVVV

  • Ctl+4 to record the Renderer window

  • Wait like 500 frames

  • Ctl+4 to stop

  • The Renderer is cleared, and when VL is opened (in RotateDelay patch), all Filter nodes output NaN.
    I need to recreate them and relink them to make them work again.

(VVVV 35.8 and last alpha)

hi @ludnny thanks for reporting this bug. it is indeed the case that the Rekorder does manipulate the vvvv time, which it shouldn’t. this leads to unexpected spikes and/or negative time differences in the filter node. until this bigger issue is resolved i made a temporary fix that does not allow negative time differences, filters work now as expected.

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