VL.Alembic object black with normal texture

Using AlembicPlayback with a PBRMaterial (Metallic) does not work with normal maps.
So assigning any normal map turns the object black.

I thought it might be related to some export option, but nothing helped so far.

hope you can have a look, and thx for the contribution!

If the material turns black with normal maps, then the tangents are missing.

The dynamic mesh examples in our help patches don’t address this issue, their setup is too simple.

But @ravazquez and @joreg currently work on new meshes and hopefully can update the dynamic mesh nodes so that they also use the stride procedural mesh pipeline that takes care of these things.



Thanks tebjan, but not sure I am getting it yet.

I was referring to torinos VL.Alembic nuget, which is using MeshEntity internally.
Or is this somehow still related to DynamicMesh?

Would it work if the tangents are included when exporting the alembic file?
Not sure if there is an option (using Maya for this).

Your problem is probably related to here

Most applications do not include tangent in Alembic exports. Also, VL.Alembic does not currently plan to support the import of tangents that are explicitly included.

VL.Fuse.DomainExtensions include a node that completes missing tangents in their and does normal mapping in shader, using the MaterialExtension. Try this while you wait for geometry3sharp to do its work.


Thanks everyone!

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