VL accumulator inner references still in production?

Hi, is this feature still in production? It’s very usefull concept feels very buggy:

  1. How to create this type of field without keyboard shortcut? ( ctrl + left click? )
  2. How to delete one instance of this field without deleting ALL references?
  3. How to rename one field and not to rename all references?

It’s very curios feature, sometimes can be very useful, but now it feels too tricky to use it in most cases.


And Is it a bug too?

confirmed, the accumulator “proxies” are an unfinished feature.
not sure what you’re hinting at with the second post…

The second post is about inner fields that transmits nothing, “deviation” has input, but it’s empty at the output

The reason for the second phenomenon is that fields are read first and write last for every context, it’s not a send/receive. It’s more related to a frame delay.

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