VJing - Breaking the Loop

Hm, I am recently thinking about strategies to break the Problem of the “Loop” when beeing at VJing. While vvvv-is very loop-based (steady process running) I was thinking of dealing ways to get VJs tools that allow very much freedom to tweak, break and transform stuff.

There are basically diffrent IO-Interfaces: mouse, MIDI-Controller, webcam… But I recently have no idea to apply interesting effectchains. Maybe with freeframe or shaders (unfortunately on my machine)? Simple transforms are too weak IMHO, the results are just too 1:1 for the visitor. I want to break, cut, recombine, load new footage, go on and on and on.

Any ideas?

my pet strategies for dealing with this problems are live cameras (where you can put everything in front) and especially live recording/looping of parameter changes.
touchscreens proved to give much better results than midi faderboxes…

Maybe it could be useful to utilize the loop. Like having tiles flying around on x layers (groups). The VJ slowly fading over the groups and choosing / manipulation the tiles.