i couldn’t find a topic for this.

i perform as a vj and i just discovered this program.i find it amazing.
i would like to know if i can save these animation as standalone files so i can use them in my video-mixing program for live projections. it would be great if i can do this, coz i see very complex animations that u can create with vvvv. or how does this program can be used with this purpose if it has no displayed controllers for speed, effects and so on.
(what a newcomer i am, huh.)

just connect any midi or dmx controller to vvvv. or prpgram it to utilize the 103 buttons on your keyboard. or connect a game controller. or program your own gui on a second renderer window. there are plenty of examples for this on the user pages…

We are going to be using vvvv for VJ’ing very soon, it’s dead easy to set up MIDI etc to control the visuals. Or you cna just render out stuff for use in whatever app you’d normally use. But the entire point of vvvv is it’s realtime, so hook up a mic and let it do it’s thing, new visuals every night. :)