Visualizing and animating 1. timestamps on timeline triggering sound/ 2. classified data by color and size


I want to represent earthquake events as timestamps on a timeline and visualize its irregular chronology (see patch) and not linear by frame speed. And where every event triggers a sound effect depending on its energy (magnitude). The classification I have already done.

So far, the events are visualized and animated constantly (depending on frame rate) in a vector rose, where in a chronological order the space directions/vectors between event coordinates have been translated at the same origin (0,0,0), keeping only the space directions and not the positions.

How do I visualize and animate the cylinder vectors now on a timeline depending on its date and time data and how do I trigger event sounds when occuring?? (fixed amount of cylinders should be visible, in the example 60)

Furthermore, I want to visualize the classified data _(according to the magnitude of an eartquake event)_by color and by the size of cylinder objects in a chronological animation (always 60 cylinders visible) equivalent to the timestamps. The animation should be variable.
I not even get the colors and sizes correctly represented on the corresponding cylinder vectors while being animated!

How could I solve these tasks??

Many thanks,

whole vvvv patch (323.0 kB)
.txt file (11.1 kB)

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I am missing Points2vector (3D).

Begging for 4 years for a wrapper to collect all the subpatches in 1 folder…


me and h99 did this a while ago…

i forgot about it when it was finished -.-

Dependency (Patch).v4p (36.1 kB)

I think I made some progress time sequencing the data and sounds by my own, when finished so far I will post it for comments… Lg sueniii