VIsta dualview two cards 4 screens


I am trying to do four outputs from two graphic cards on Windows Vista. Vista doesn’t allow spanmode with my ati cards. Everytime I fullscreen a render on one output the second output on that card looses it’s render and vice/versa. Is there any software workaround for this? IF not will a future version of vvvv enable this or is it a Vista thing?

hi, i think microsoft dropped span mode for vista :(

they say that this is because of the new driver model…

Does this mean for the rest of my life I will only be able to fullscreen render in vvvv out one of the two DVI ports on my graphics card under vista. Any work software arounds?

Q: Are there Control Panel features that were available under Windows XP that are no longer available on Windows Vista?
A. There are some Windows XP features that will no longer be available on Windows Vista due to changes in the core operating system. These features are:

* Horizontal and Vertical desktop span multi-monitor modes (note: Dual View and Clone mode display options are still available)
* NVKeystone display correction
* Full screen video mirror
* Video zoom

same is obviously true for ati drivers.

still the traditional dualview should work where you go fullscreen on each monitor with an individual renderer window?!

@ joreg

so using two individual renders A and B.
I fullscreen A on monitor 1 and view the pretty colors
I fullscreen B on monitor 2 render A stops rendering and I can only view the pretty colors from render B on monitor 2.

I’m at work now but I’ll look more into this when I get home and try all combinations with the two gpu’s and 4 display ports.

huh …

that would mean no video from videoin or filestream used/shown on more than one graphics card output under vista … right ?


workaround: use a flash for playing movies. flash renderer -> gditexture

works fine also in dual view and even across different graphic cards… (at least under XP ;) )