VisionRGB-E1S support

has anybody tried the Datapath VisionRGB-E1S ?

this would be the third capture card I buy and I d like to do it right this time…

that shud be good, datapath is mostly good ;]

Works via directshow/video-in. Some issues with the driver (bluescreen during installation). IIRC it has approx. 4 frames delay (when capturing 1080p50). It also had some performance impact and we ended up putting it into a “dedicated” vvvv instance sharing the texture, which added another 2 Frames of delay. So not really usable for capturing live-camera-feeds showing talking heads.
Compared to the Black Magic Intensity it’s rather expensive, about 750 Eur (ex vat in Germany) - but while the Black Magic card is restricted to certain resolutions the datapath is not.

tx for the info. I already have an Intensity (usb3) but although the good work made by Elliot, I am having problems to use it with a multi head setup.
I have a 4 projectors (2 Matrox on gtx760) setup and I need the capture card to assist non-vvvv users to plug into the system for live performances.

@io leinwandler uses a different datapath card, with multiple inputs for exactly this purpose, works pretty well, dx9 and dx11 video inputs work I believe.