Virtualbox, vvvv on mac and linux

hello mac and linux users,

yesterday i found by accident this amazing piece of software from sun. it allows to run the most common operating systems into each other. they claim, that its not an emulation, but a full integration with highest possible performance. furthermore its open source and free (GPL license). since version 3.0 they have excellent 3D hardware acceleration.

some days ago i have seen a thread that vvvv runs well with parallels on osx. it would be interesting, which one performs better.

have a look and report back:

or watch some demo videos:

hey tf! thanks for the heads-up.
what was your experience with it?
i’ve tried vvvv on virtualbox on ubuntu, and vvvv ran, but not very fast, and the sysclock seemed to be confused because LFO speed etc was not constant. sadly didn’t have time yet to pursure this further yet.

hello, i have no experience with it and vvvv, i am using windows ever since. i found it, because i wanted to run a math software called SAGE.

but the thing with the LFO sounds like they have problems to virtualize the high resolution performance counter… what a pity, i looked really good.

you still look very good tonfilm.

ohaha, got me there…:)

yeah, sage is said to be mighty (i can still live without it, matlab/ocatve and mathematica fulfill my needs)
yeah, i haven’t dug very deep so far, i also read somewhere it could be because of a dynamic cpu-power reassignment between host and guest. will (hopefully) investigate further sometime.

Hi there,

I use virtualbox to run some software, but the 3D acceleration is not enough to run vvvv well. Impossible to think about live performance or something like that.

I agree with lecloneur. I am a mac user and made a partition of my hard disk exclusively for vvvv; i have found difficulties when using emulations so I always bootcamp in order to work with the software.
If someone discovers a way to have both systems running in parallel and make vvvv work properly would be a revelation!

have you tried parallels? does it perform better then virtualbox?


I’m a linux user, but when I began to use vvvv I install a dualboot with windows. This is the only way to use it.

I dream about a day vvvv run with openGL and could be used on Linux and Mac. Windows is so bad…


I have used parallels 4 and 5 with the same result: vvvv works extremely slow. If your main concern is not speed then parallels might be a good option.
In regards the openGL porting, i had the same impression some time ago but after being working with vvvv for some months now i have changed my mind. I am mostly a Jitter user so working with vvvv is really refreshing as switches the paradigm used for generating audiovisual material. It would be great to have an openGL option for the program but i am not so sure that , even though such a version would be available, i would switch to run vvvv on mac. Of course that is an hypothetical idea.

I’e been running 3D/HLSL content under parallels5 on a MBP 2.66 with 4GB RAM.
Not as fast as on XP (of course) but 60 fps as you can see in my screenshot.

{img src=show_image.php?id=7655 width=444 link=}

I’e been running 3D/HLSL content under parallels5 on a MBP 2.66 with 4GB RAM.
Not as fast as on XP (of course) but 60 fps as you can see in my screenshot.