Virtual joystick

I ve recently switched from a Korg MicroKontrol to a NanoKontrol, (250 euros and 2 kilos versus 38 euros and 300 grams), my back is really happy but I am missing a feature: the joystick.
I d like to implement a joystick feature but I am not really sure how… ioBoxes can t receive a feedback so can t be used, what I want is a 2-dimensional control with a fixed center rollback, MIDI is preferred, so for example I could use a fader and a knob.

i use a gamepad

its got two analog sticks

It depends if you need something CS like, I mean QZSD gaming style.

No I don t want another piece of hardware, as long as it doesn t fit in my pocket, what I want is a software (aka vvvv module/idea) to replace the hardware.

Ok that was pretty easy:


maybe with a key binding to activate.