Virtual Desktop in Teamviewer / VNC?


In a current mapping project I’m working on I can’t use a control monitor as all of my graphics card’s outputs are already occupied by projectors.

I use Teamviewer10 to set up everything, which works great (except I can’t rotate/move my camera via mouse in dx11 renderer).

Now it would be even better, if I could create an additional virtual desktop in Teamviewer/ VNC. Then I could change settings in background, without having to leave Fullscreen-Mode with my renderers for calibration.

Do you know any good software for that issue?

i use teamviewer also, tryed some othere ones but had crashes or black renders in dx11, u might check setting on in there

teamviewer unfortunatly doesn’t have the feature to create a virtual desktop.
Is there any remote-control software which can handle it?