Viedo doesn't appear

Hi, i am beginer with vvvv and also with things around computers. I was working with various viedo proyections with different delays in one renderer. Everythig went good. Than probybly during “cleaning” in my laptop i deleted things from folder “downloads”. Maybe there was something supporting videos in vvvv, because now i can’t switch on video. The small light of webcam swichs on, but renderer stays black. Everything seems to be on, also webcam settings is ok, but… With my basics, i’ve tried to instal DirectX again for example, but it told me, that it’s already installed.
I am not sure how better can i describe that problem.
Thanx for any help. mattej.

any red nodes, can you attach the patch?

nothing red, everything seems to be ok.
I’m sending patch.
During the week it went well for a while. Than again nothing.
I am sorry that i cannot give more info, but i dont know that.
Which things are responsable for recording/showing the videos?

závěr jedna kamera frank matej~.v4p (61.1 kB)