first i wnat to say hello to all usersa and team members. i am kind of a noob but did 2 gigs last times. you will find a user page soon (with my neat “stickyKey” patch :)

now my question:
upgraded to a gf7800gt with vivo to get an analog stream. everything seems to be fine up to the moment i try to create a videotexture node. on pressing enter after typing the node disappears. same if i choose it from either list. old patches open but are missing this node too.
anyone stumbled over this kind of behavior too? perhaps i just sucked with one of the drivers.
and…ah…its still 8.1. just downloaded 9.1 to upgrade cause 9.0 didnt work fine with video for me.

thanks and i ll keep you updated when im aonline again and tried it with 9.1


might be a driver issue… create a renderer (tty) node and post the error message which hopefully will appear while your videotexture node disappears

hi oschatz (and others),

in anr re and overinstalled what i expected to help and now my videotexture is working. nevertheless: my quad stays white, anyway if using the videoin of the gfx card or an dv camcorder via firewire.
i am still unable to recognize the new renderer funktions regarding the gfx card. what is the hardware -1 setting? and for sure: i am using dual screen setup and the beta 9.1


ok, hi all,

once again my problem, this time a bit more specific:

in beta8.1 the videotexture node is still disappearing the moment i hit enter and vvvv puts the following in the tty-r:

‘‘00:00:40 ERR : Either DirectDraw has not been installed or the Video Card capabilities are not suitable. Make sure the display is not in 16 color mode.
00:00:40 * : didn’t create node; [D:\VJ Stuff\vvvv_33beta8.1\girlpower\Blender.v4p, VideoTexture (EX9.Texture DShow) (ID: 20)](D:\VJ Stuff\vvvv_33beta8.1\girlpower\Blender.v4p, VideoTexture (EX9.Texture DShow) (ID: 20)): Access violation at address 00573A06 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 00000000
00:00:40 * : couldn’t find/create node VideoTexture (EX9.Texture DShow) (ID: 20) in patch D:\VJ Stuff\vvvv_33beta8.1\girlpower\Blender.v4p. deleting action.’’

in beta 9.1 or 9.2 the nodes stay but i dont get video anyways, not even a filestream will play a file. this time the error is:

00:03:54 * : [ error occured in TMDirectShowNodePin]( error occured in TMDirectShowNodePin): Access violation at address 006B1B13 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 00000000

the error is the same if i try to use my analog video in, a dv cam via firewire or play a file stream

i double checked my drivers and things. everything is working fine (trusting my hardware manager). explorer shows my dv video with a charm, but wm-encoder crashes when trying to record from my analog in. some more about my config:
shuttle sn25p with nforce4 ultra chipset and amd cpu
asus en7800gt vga, drivers 78.01, asus wdm capture driver (i will try without this one on friday night)

i really need your help to get this sucker running before saturday evening where a gig is taking place. really dont wanny use my loosy laptop with 8.1…


did you make sure to be in 32bit color mode?

run dxdiag.exe (start-> run-> dxdiag)
there go to Display and check the tests (DirectDraw, Direct3D). if there are errors tell us. should be a driver-error then.

maybe press button: save all infos and post the file here.

or maybe hardware acceleration disabled?
see: rightclickdesktop-> settings-> advanced-> troubleshooting-> hardware acceleration should be at maximum!

good luck.

hi joreg,

i am not in front of my box and i will reach it on friday evening again (out for an earn money job) but i am absolutely sure that it is running 32bit color mode.
need to run the dxdiag. but i installed dx9c first and reinstalled it last.
it would be the first time in my life that the hw acceleration is off after installing nvidia drivers (and now i think its about a dozen ones with new hw).

where is the button save all infos?

all the other patches (including the new gamestyle thingie from sanch) are running perfect with more frames/s i can count.

thanks so far

saveallinfos is in the dxdiag window. you’ll see it.

i downloaded the new 81.95 nvidia drivers and a new version of the wdm capture driver which now explicitly supports gf7 cards and everything runs flawless. wondering…nvidia statted a better dx compatiblity as a highlight feature of the new driver release.
thanks you for the bandwidth.