Videostreaming via fugstream - really frustarting stuff

hey vvvv,
i know its a topic which is a little bit strange. i have read all the post about it, but it will not run.

i have followed the instructions of the tutorial videostreaming
-i have created a cfg. in the right direction
-i have copied the .dll file to the vvvv/freeframe directory (the same.dll like in the attachment)

the fugStreamSend node appears in the fugstreamdemopatch which were offered in the tutorial.
if i hit the bang iobox which writes the new config into the file, the new content apears in the file.
but if i refresh the fugStreamSend node i got a fail which calls me “can’t find config for encoding”

so i have installed the older and the new windows update, tryed to change the the folder direction of the cfg. file…
but its not running…

i have attached the files which i use.
is anybody there who have solved this problem??


FugStreamSender+Receiver+dll-file.rar (141.5 kB)

There has been hassles with this file for a while… AFAIK the plugin searches several loactions in case it can not find it, so I would try to put it into c:\ and in …\MyDocuments\FreeFrame\\ (adapted to your folder structure… so if you are from germany its …\Eigene Dateien\FreeFrame\ Hope this helps.

also see:

fugstream has been a little hit and miss with vvvv for me. i don’t know about your cfg worries, but in my case when streaming from vvvv -> resolume avenue, it sometimes works and sometimes not, and the only solution i’ve found is to close vvvv/avenue, reopen, try again, wish for luck.

I can confirm this behaviour (sadly…), thats why I started to look into shared memory function of vvvv. Dunno if the plugin is available somewhere, so far no response.

I believe if there was a way to run VVVV along with other VJ apps on one machine there could be many people interested.

for the record, there was an update on videostreaming

I was very frustrated by fugstream as well.
Once I streamed video via network with „videotexture -> textureToString“ and it was working much better, but with a very small resolution. The bottleneck is textureToString here…

i think we really need something like the Max/msp/Jitter matrix stuff
jit.matrix send/receive allow to stream hi res video over network

how fast is this matrix.send ? does it compress the data in any way ?
Using the and objects, you can send uncompressed Jitter matrices to another computer running Max
for compression :
but as far as i know an uncompressed stream can be sent & received without problem (eg 1024x768 @ 30 fps assuming you have a Gigabyte network chain)
using jit.argb2grgb before sending thru and jit.grgb2argb after you get better performance

1024@30fps would be dream!