Videostreaming over LAN or Capture Card

Hi All,

I’d like to capture the extend monitor of A computer to B computer as 'videoIn ’ in VVVV. So i had some ideas as following.

  1. Flash Media Server(LAN) broadcasting video to VVVV is it possible??(1024x768)

  2. Use Capture Card(B computer,dvi or vga(1024x768),but i don’t know how to output from A computer, does it need some output cards and which compatible with VVVV.

p.s I already bought the Blackmagic shuttle usb 3.0, but i can’t got it in VVVV but system can recognized.

Thanks all


  1. dunno

  2. you output from computer A with a so called video graphic adapter (nvidia and ATI offer a wide range of them)

about the shuttle I ve heard things about usb 3.0 incompatibility so you may try another usb 3.0 card option. All in all welcome to the video input limbo, it ll make you wonder how you can stream your desktop to the other side of the world but no way to siphoning (pun intended) pixels around fast and easy and cheap and locally.


@io - you wont have to wait much longer before you stop wondering

@sugokuGENKI: OpenCV to rule them all ?

Thanks io,

I’ll keeping figure 'siphoning (pun intended) pixels around fast and easy and cheap and locally’out…


@io - OPENCV?

@io - i had found the nice toy called ‘VGA2USB’ but not sure it compatible with vvvv…