Videos of Node Workshops

I think that in order to make the most from node for the vvvv community, and in particular new users and people who can’t make it to node, it would be good to video the workshops.
I did try last time to do so, but ideally it would be an official thing, if its not, then I think we should see if we can get volunteers already attending workshops to take cameras and file as well, the main thing would be to get decent sound really, which were there are mic’s should be from the mics
All it needs mostly, I think, is a camera on the screen so you can see whats being patched or talked about, and an audio feed, obviously more mikes for questions etc would be ideal, but I’d be surprised if this was doable.
So is this planned, and if not who is up for bringing cameras and uploading to youtube when done?
Ideally more than 1 person per workshop as mishaps happen, my battery went twice last time and my camera didn’t save where it was up to, for example!

I could bring my camcorder and get the sound with my h4n… I don’t have the time to do the editing, though.

Don’t think it needs editing, just a the whole workshop online, if you need to skip through you skip through…

The sound + good quality screen grab are the two important parts. If we could add a thumb of the speaker in the bottom corner then ideal.

Could we set up a system for capturing the video output from the workshop leader’s laptop on to a separate machine? That way there’s no perf hit on the teacher’s laptop and we get standardised recording of all the workshops.

One person should be in charge of collecting all the workshop videos + audio on to two HDDs (one for backup).

Yes would be good to do this. Would not even need to be DSLR footage.
Cheap Webcams would do it too. A participant could screencapture it then. And a handheld for the sound.

I would suggest to make a plan which hardware goes to which workshop at which time.
Can chip in a small zoom recorder :)
Maybe also Node technical orga wants to care for this?

Great stuff catweasel. Totally agree on importance of SOUND! video, sure we can get pretty easy. Good shout on recording laptop screen as well Gareth. I think editing it would be nice to, simple stuff you know doesn’t have to be fancy, more functional.

I will bring my AVERMEDIA LIVE GAMER PORTABLE to record teacher’s laptop, external device, no CPU usage, records 1080p pretty high res.

I will also bring my BLUE NESSIE MIC, which is really good for recording someone speaking, I used it for tutorial and it’s great, mp3 microphone made for podcasting/tutorial etc… you can record audio of Nessie Mic onto the avermedia video file or even a separate mp3 file. I think that would be a good easy solution.
avermedia has one big red button to start stop recording so teacher can control recording if there are long breaks or whatever…Let’s do this.

LeCloneur also has a live gamer portable, I will ask him to bring it. ANyuone else with MIC?