Videoplayer in incremental mode?

Is there a videoplayer, besides HAP, that can run properly in incremental mode?

For what I am currently working on, it would be super handy to avoid having to render everything out to PNG sequences and use imageplayer.

It seems to be possible to accurately seek videos if they are exported with every frame being a keyframe. Tried with H.264 and H.265.

Settings in Resolve:

HowTo Seek a video file.vl (21.8 KB)

Depending on the resolution and the desired framerate this can max out the video decoding of the GPU though. With 4K H.264 seeking at 60 FPS Video Decode was nearly at 100% with H.265 at ~60 % on my RTX 4090.

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Interesting, it will probably work for my usecase.
It would however be nice if there were a next frame input on the player. Especially if it worked with interframe compressed videos

VL.OpenCV has a VideoPlayer (Blocking) that might be useful here.

@joreg I will try that one out, it could be the solution

VideoPlayer (Blocking) might work and it even plays ProRes video.

But. How to I convert CvImage to a stride texture?

Got it , ToImage → ImageToTexture