Videoplayback (wmv) not fluid

i made a patch, that controls video playback via artnet. but the playback is not fluid. if i open the same file in the windows media player, the playback is fine.

i patched a videotexture in a group and then in the renderer.

the videofile is a wmv-movie: 10 mbit/s, 1024x768

any ideas, how to fix that? thx in advance!

one crucial thing with videoplayback is the fact that your video fps needs to be a mulitple of your renderer fps. if your renderer is 60fps then your video has to be 30 or 60hz otherwise it will definitely be jerky. if your video is 25fps you’ll need to render at 25 or 50hz.

also you might be missing wdm drivers for wmv files. you could install the k-lite codec pack or ffmpeg and see whether it helps…

perhaps you could share your patch, then it is easier to give you advice

I changed the Framerate in the Renderer from “As Desktop” to 30 Hz. I think thats the solution. Had no problems yesterday. Thx!

good, so just to clarify: what was your desktops refresh-rate? and whats your videos framerate?

desktops framerate is 60 hz, the videofile is 30 hz. but my problem is not soleved, as i mentioned. i dont understand, why the video is clean when i play it with the mediaplayer and not, if i play it in vvvv.

mediaplayer uses another codec/playback system than vvvv. please use mediaplayer classic to compare the playback.

have you installed ffmpeg or another codec pack as i recommended?

@Bertelmann : did you try using Vlc node instead of FileStream?

Also how do you control the playback? is it just some trigger to play the file or do you use seek to control time manually?

In the second case it would not be surprising that playback is not smooth as wmv is progressive decoding, so this is not suited for that type of task (it would also depend heavily on your artnet timecode resolution).

Also a small patch example attached would of course help us a lot to give advice (don’t need the video itself), as @sunep mentioned.

PS: Story about video which needs to be a multiple of framerate is just some form of urban legend ;)

Just google “video judder”. Might not matter in VJ sets but in more professional environments it does ;)

I hear people say you can get to sharing your fine texture back to dx9 just to get a stable framerate … or is that a legend too?

@bjoern: If FileStream can’t even play a single 1024*768 video (in 2015…), framerate is definitely not the problem there (or at least the least urgent one).

@eno: FileStream is DX9

installed k-lite codec pack. maybe the solution. tested the patch too short. thanks in advance!!!

I heard that some people can spend 5 minutes to read 9 lines of text (counted those) before to blindly download and pinpoint issues in a totally unrelated forum post, urban legend too? ;)