VideoIn with Hauppauge PVR350

Hi all,

I go crazy with the use of the VideoIn node. The capture card
PVR350 is working with the appropiate Hauppauge software.
Actually no video is shown in vvvv because the input pin
“Video format” offers “nil” only. Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you for your help.

make sure not wanting the hauppauge program and vvvv use the camera at the same time. cameras are not shared, so when one program has opened it, another program will fail.

when the driver pin shows “nil” there is most likely a driver installation problem. vvvv uses all installed DirectShow drivers.

i have heard such a complaint already with a pvr card. seems they require some special initialization vvvv is not doing. to see if i can do something about it i would need such a card to test. anybody willing to send hers over?

thank you for your quick answer.
Tomorrow I’ll figure out if a “simple” WinTV card works.
If not I can send you one of these.
The problem with the PVR350 occurs on other PC’s too.

there is no device sharing. DirectX 9.0c is installed on both
PC’s. Everything is working fine except vvvv.

a simple WinTV card works properly (Bt878), PVR350 not.
Everything is reinstalled.
Stream capabilities list of the VideoIn node is empty.
Your address to send it per mail?

Does the Hauppauge software interface to the card as a standard DirectX video capture device? My Hauppauge DVT box doesn’t have a standard DirectX interface so only works with their software.

right. some googling reveals this seems to be a known problem. the pvr cards don’t seem to have official wdm-drivers which make them directshow and therefore vvvv compatible.

but there seem to be alternative drivers which you could try:

pls let us know if that works.

The alternative drivers don’t work with the PVR350 neither with the vendors application software. I give up. Now I use a simple WinTV card.