Videoin problems with tv tuner card

Hi. I read forums and found similar problems- videoin node not works after upgrading to beta18 and even after beta 19. But i use old tv tuner card with composite, RCA and s-video ports. After i upgrade to beta 18 i not see any ports in videoin node. Changing to b19 not fix problem. VVVV detects my card as 713x BDA Analog Capture. Big thx.

helo alg,

sory for the delay. finally got hands on my old analog capture card again and i don’t see any problems with beta19 (it even works on beta18 though). but you say yours works with beta17 but not 18 and 19? strange then…

so if you now start beta17 again it would work and with beta18/19 reproducably not?

createa Renderer (TTY) before connecting (in a fresh patch) videoin to videoout. what does it say?

btw. i am always using the generic btwincap driver. are you using this one too?