VideoIn or Filestream

Maybee a stupid Q, but I wanted to play arround with all the freeframe nodes VVVV has, but when I look at the helpfile, they all accept VideoIN as the video-source.

Don’t have a video input card here, so I am missing the way to hook up a Filestream node to VideoInput off, for example, the Camshifttracker.

So what node did I miss??

You have to disconnect the video in node before the ff node will accept the filestream input, they should all work though!

Wow, feeling such an idiot… and have no explanation why I missed it…
(was playing arround with all types off nodes)

Its confused me before too! Videotexture are the only nodes that do that i think!

hmm this looks like a bug.
the directshow based connections for video and audio go only from one pin to one other pin. the automatic disconnection feature has a very old bug there.