VideoIn on MultiHead setup

as usual when using a multi head setup there are little hiccups to deal with, in this case I am using an nVidia GTX560 and a Logitech C920. Patching on the VGA monitor and 3 digitally connected projectors.
The video stream goes to one of the projector and there is no way to get the stream to show unless I re-load (need to delete and reopen) each time the subpatch containing the VideoIn and Videotexture nodes.
Anybody experiencing this behaviour?

Have you set the adapter pin, or left it as -1?
Think you’ll need to set it to 1 for your extended desktop.
Or use elliots cv video inputs…

also dirty way around, is queue texture, misak pointed, me.
You can have one slice of queue on preview monitor, and second on second monitor.

I ve set the adapter pin to the proper device and now the camera shows up correctly but disappears again when I go fullscreen, then I have to do the same routine again.