VideoIn node and 50 frames/s

i want this result :
progressive frame

and i have that:
2 fields on 1 frame

is it possible to have, from a 25 frames/s interlaced source, 50 frames/s with only 1 field by frame ?
1 field on 1 frame
i hope you understand me !

this sounds like a followup to the deinterlacing thread we had some time ago?

i still believe that simple bob deinterlacing is possible with a rather trivial shader ("render either the odd or even lines of the texture). and setting waitforframe to 2. as i understood joreg, he will add the (also rather trivial) newFrame output pin to the video texture as soon as someone put together that proof of concept shader…

On the other side more advanced deinterlacing would take some more advanced shader programming - the de Haan and Bellers paper should give many hints on that. And it ends with a very optimistic quote: “we believe that the drawbacks of interlace are easily overestimated unless one is familiar with the recent developments in deinterlacing”. that sounds good. lets all study math.

Guess the real outrage is that they have taken the concept of interlacing even to the HDTV standard… and sony uses it in their handycams.

i use a DX9 renderer node to have my interlaced video at 50fps.
i search a another means to do that.
the videotexture has a integrated renderer ?


there is always VideoOut, but using the DX9 Renderer is the preferred way…

I work only with texture and I search to have my 50 fps…