VideoIn lag in b27 & b27.1

I’m seeing a much greater lag with the VideoIn node under b27 and b27.1 than in previous releases. I’m using a PS3Eye, running at 60fps.

In addition to the lag, the preview output runs at a VERY slow rate (3-4fps) when under 26 it runs much faster.

The really weird thing is that if I open the Properties dialogue, these differences disappear. Close the Properties dialogue, back come the lags.

I don’t have another video in source to see if this is specific to the PS3Eye, but the fact that it works OK under 26 makes me think it’s not likely a driver problem.

My test file is attached. Note that to run the PS3Eye above 30fps, you’ll need a cleye.config file in the vvvv.exe folder that contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <item name="mode" value="advanced" />

I’m also seeing another very bizarre behavior, where my output fps (as reported by Timing) drops to 30fps, unless I click on the VideoOut node to highlight it; then the output fps goes to 60. Clicking anywhere else in the patch drops the fps back to 30. But this is in a much larger patch and I have yet to be able to isolate a test case.

vidin-lag-b27.v4p (7.3 kB)

Oh, more info: Win7 x64, and the output renderer is on a GTX570, with the VideoOut on a GTX550 (latest drivers). And nope, putting both on the same display doesn’t change anything.

Just shot some video and counted the lag frames; b27 with the Properties dialogue closed has about 130 to 170mS greater lag.

i wasn’t able to reproduce the situation jet. tried your patch in beta27.1 with a microsoft hd webcam (on a vista 32bit machine), running with 60fps and i saw no differences in framerate between the preview and video-output. both constantly about 30fps, either the property page was opened or not.
the latency was about 150ms in both versions, beta26 and beta27.1

maybe it is ps3cam specific…
will try the same thing with a ps3cam on monday.

well… now i tried the same thing again with the microsoft hd webcam and a ps3eye. while your patch works fine with the microsoft cam, i noticed exactly the same problems with the ps3eye that you described above. not only showing up with the property-page, but with every different window, like the firefox-browser for example.

it looks like its a ps3eye specific problem, but to be honest - i have no idea how to explain that properly.

Thanks bps, that helps me know it’s not something weird in my setup. Odd that it’s just a 27.x problem, though. I’m going to test it today with a Blackmagic Intensity and a Turtle Beach PCI card.

But of course what I really need to work is the PS3Eye for it’s framerate and low lag. I’ll also try the PS3Eye vvvv plugin and see if that helps.

It sounds a bit weird, here I have horrible latency and framerate with the built in webcam in my laptop, but brilliant framerate and very low latency with the ps3eye cam

Well the Blackmagic works fine, and the PS3_Eye_Multi plugin does not exhibit the problem, so there’s a workaround - but vvvv 27.1 tends to crash with the PS3 plugin. (:^{)

i have app. 3 frames by 30fps =100 ms using PS3 with VideoIn measuring time between action and appearing on screen (beta 27.1/Win7 and CL-EyeTest.exe)
i have app. the same latency using IDS UI122x LE with VideoIn
i can get smaller latency (50-60 ms) only using uEyeCam (Devices) plugin.