Videoin in boygroup setting

Helloo, i have a questionn that make my mind a little bufff, i want to use a videoin in a boygroup setup, but how it can be `possible to see the video in all the machines, i cannot make any path to the capture , its possible, anybody know itt ? thanks for such great software, i enjoy vvvv so much

i have no experience with boygrouping but i assume that this is the intended purpose of AsString (EX9.Texture) and DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture) String.
the first one lets you convert a texture to a string, which may broadcasted via e.g.: UDP .
and the second one the other way round.

but how i can send it by udp with netsend??? how i need to configure the nete send hostname ?

tanhxxx again

perhaps better use UDP (Network) Client and UDP (Network) Server.
but that is not my specialty :(

I think bug fugs video over network freeframe is probably the way, but I never got it working, the best way to do it is with a video in on all the pc’s and split the signal, otherwise your network will be saturated in video transfer and the machines will be doing a lot of thinking in the decoding, but it depends what resolution the video is too!

great i can not get it, and i have some problems with the videosync node, i need to put a videosync client in every client and one in the server, its difficult to keep the videos synced.

If you’re using the execllent Tonfilm videosync node, take care of the codec you’re using, you should use a mjpeg codec for better syncing, I solve my network syncing problem with the Lead Mjpeg codec, which is very cheap with a good quality


i still dont know how to share the videoin by boygroup if its possible or by udp, anyone know about it

helo gest.

pls be more precise. what is your setup?

  • you have one server and several clients? (i.e. the classical boygrouping setup.

  • you want to connect one videocamera to the server and see the image on all clients? what type is the camera?

**difficult. you’ll get the best results using catweasels suggestion. split the signal and use a framegrabber on every client.
**you can try with bigfugs videostreaming. see my userpage.
** i doubt the AsString->udp thing would run smoothly. but please try and proove me wrong.

  • you want to play one videofile on all clients in sync?
    ** then use tonfilms videosync module.

Thanks joreg, ok the setup is one server that i use as interface and the output, and 2 clients more with 1 output each one i want to mix some video file with a camera input and to show it in the clients, i cannot try bigfug plugins because patchbox is not online somebody can share it please?? thankx for the help
i near to get the videosync for the files and now i need the videoin working seems to be difficult, may i load the same patch in every client as the server patch?

is there a reason you cant do what you want with a single pc with 3 outputs? that would probably make things easier. probably…

aahhh , interesting but there is no way , i think ,the output is in dvi , and i use the rs232 with another software to send what part of the screen i want to take to the screen, so i need three differents machines running three of this software to take the part of the renderer different in each one, and there are three screens , i donth have way to do it only in one screen you understand, thankx, again i would like some exmaple patch of these thankx

interesting test ,maybe im wrong, i try in the same computer to run a client and a server in multithread , i change the videosync module is given by an lfo, and the video syncs perfectly, first open the server then the client and then it goes really sync
i attach the fix file that someone can try it in different machines.
at last i would try to split the signal and put it onthe client, but i dont know how to mix the server signal with the videoin

VideoSync (VVVV Server).rar (3.2 kB)

new version renamed

VideoSync new.rar (3.0 kB)

this may work with small videos, but try this with full hd videos. and i am sure, that the video is far from playing smooth like this…