Video2dots of some kind

As a lighting technician, Ive been looking for a solution (diy) to map a picture of video to some kind of array like led panels or blocks…

Is there anyone that’s done a similar thing? and that can give me some guidance, or point me some way to do this really easy?

I want to build the system myself to cut costs, and to be able to just enable all functionality I expect of it, not the whole bunch of things the commercial stuff does.

I was thinking of a simple dot-matrix thing through dmx-512 from a picture (like a piece of text or a pattern) onto a led bar containing like 100x10 led dots…

Thanks for helping out, just send me an email if you can help me out!

check out the Pipet (EX9.Texture) node and its help file…

no problem at all.

look for Pipet (EX9.Texture) and its helppatch.

feed it with a videotexture and split the colors e.g. with RGB (Color) Split.
combine those values and send that spread to your DMX Interface.

thats all!.

i am going to post you an examble later this day.

Cool, another DMX user :)

100 x 10 = 1000 Dots, so using RGB, you would need at least 3000 Dots, and that is 6 DMX universes!! But that shouldn’t be the propblem ;) Using the Pipet for this works very nice, though processor consuming, than again, a dedicated system can handle it.

Check out my Ambilight Project too.

edit: what is your Email, cozz I can’t send you a message…

Whats the greatest number of universes anyone has run so far?
I’ve only run 2 from pipet, so was wondering what the max is?

“ArtNet can carry up to 256 DMX Universes on the ethernet, not just one like a DMX512 cable.”

I am using 4 in Ricos atm, we use an Artnet2DMX box that allowes 8. Ehh… and I only have 2 universes full, rest was just more handy for cabling reasons. Thought the Cocoonclub used way more.

Yeah I was wondering what vvvv max’d out really, cocoon must use a fair few!

West wrote:

I am using 4 in Ricos atm

Rico’s uses 4 universes converted to “real” DMX.
beyond that the PC with all the connected devices is broadcasting things like MIDIclock, Audio RMS, ScopeSpread, FFTSpread, etc. on a 5th universe to all PCs/patches.
beyond that the PC running the UserInterface is broadcasting all UI commands on a 6th universe.

btw.: the 3Dsimulation is also controlled via Artnet. so even the clubmanager could start the simulation-patches in his bureau or wherever in the net work.

all PCs contain exactly all patches.
all rootpatches are communicating via Artnet.
so you have the possibility to start the patches on 3 or 2 or even on a single PC without configuring something!
the 3rd PC in Rico’s was meant to be only SPARE.
we decided to use this also for performance reasons.

at 3D LED matrix)-i-use-one-pc-to-control-my-((kalle-3D-LEDmatrix) via 3 universes and another universe for SOME other leds/ccfls.
so this pc gets about 10 parameters via 1 universe from a grandMA and spits out 4 full universes.

i do not know how many Artnet-universes are used by MESO to control their renderengine but i think its only one.

the bottleneck for performance is more the generation of 4 dynamic spreads with a count of >400 than using that Artnet Nodes.

so lets throw the dices:
who used more universes than me? ;-)

Hi Kalle.

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of course i’m right about Rico’s.
I’m wondering that you are “long” enough to understand this.

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