Hey man
I have a project: put the real time video processing into a slow effect.
As far as I know the queue just delay the frame of the play.
Use mainloop adjustment slow FPS video will be caton ~ do you have any better solution.
Thank you for all the help.

Slow motion is made with the use of normal and high fps. You go e.g. 60 fps for a few seconds, then switch to a much higher fps rate (e.g. 18500) for a fraction of a second or what you need, then switch back and so on.
When it comes to rendering, you have the >60 fps section that contains a lot of frames that, when played at 60 fps, are very slow, and very nicely interpolated.
That said, Filestream VLC has Speed which should allow you to slow down a file playback - I don’t know if you need a particular encapsulation\codec.
So if you do not have a high fps video, keep in mind that the playback will probably not be as smooth as in the video you linked.
Or do I got it wrong?

also check out:
which will give you an idea how to access the queued textures in a non-linear way using GetSlice.