Video Wall Patch, finished but could use some finishing tweaks

First of all a big thanks to vvvv, and the amazing community here, it’s a great place to learn, so thanks very much!

I have created a patch for parties etc… you press a button do a little 3 second clip to a webcam, this then gets turned into an image sequence which is then instantly projected onto a grid of 16 squares. So on the wall you have a big projected grid of 16 looping 3 second clips that get updated through out the night. It’s good fun :)

It works great, thanks to all the help I’ve found in this forum… the only thing that I could tweak is that the frame rate playback of the clips appears to be faster than 24fps, and I’m not sure why this is?

Be great if someone could have a look at my patch and see if they can spot the fault? It’s a tad messy I’m sure…

Thanks again!

VIDEOWALL.rar (8.3 MB)