Video tracking

Hi all,

I planning to do some video tracking in order to sonify some performance: a dancer and a kung fu form.

I’m evaluating different technologies at the moment.
Kinect looks like the best way to track body movement.

What’s the best way to track body movements ? Is Kinect really the best solution ?


What Kung Fu form, may I ask ??

With kinect you have the skeleton tracking and a lot of things, wich are great. But maybe you have more latency than a webcam(or not?), so if you want really fast reaction and not a complex visual feedback, a fast camera should work better, ie changquan taolu

Check this video.

this video looks like differencekeying - not skeleton-tracking. Is anywhere an add-on for human skeleton-tracking via webcam? …doubtful that…think not.

for kinect -

regards chmee

@Manuel: the idea would be a form of the style Hung Gar, here’s the great master:

Hung gar is more like nan quan taolu

The video you posted is cool, I’d like to smt like that but connecting also sounds to movement

@chmee: Thanks for the link. Now I don’t have a kinect so I cannot test it.

eyesweb does some bodytracking. but compared to kinect it’s much worst… it requires always a filled white or black background to work and its 2d only(it doesnt understand if you turn on yourself…)