Video Texture YUV

On my NVidia 6600, video texture works but I get flashing frames, or drop outs. ie layers on top revealing layers underneath, and frames underneath flashing filling the renderer despite having not been scaled.
On my Ati 9700, I get very low frame rates with more than 1 stream and dont get 25fps with just 1 layer.
I’ve messed with mainloop and wait for frame settings, but dont seem to get any improvement. Heres a patch that plays me up!
On the Nvidia avi’s load much faster now ( with yuv) All avi’s are picvideo, and have been encoded as yuv with the force yuv playback check box ticked as well



movie test.v4p (14.4 kB)

mm. .you shure the dropouts happen with 9.10. damn. i tested on a 6800 and it didn’t flash. only tested with VideoIn though…will try with filestream one fine day.

so the 9700 does not flash but is slow? remember setting “Wait For Every Nth” frame to 1 should result in a vvvvramerate matching the videos original framerate. no mainloop needed.

ah and you have winxp sp2 right? yuv-mixing videotexture demands that.

1, Yes definatley 9.10
2, Yes again, I only messed with mainloop after having problems.
3, The 9700 is Xp Home sp2, is that ok? The nvidia is xp pro sp2


Just exeriencing this again, as I’ve been doing video things in 8.1, stills in 9.10.
So in 9.10 I get random flashes, of it seems now bits of the other renderers and still textures Im using, suddenly flashing an filling half the screen, its most odd!

cat. if you only play one video on a yuvtexture. nothing else. does that run smooth? on both ati and nvidia?

if that runs try adding one quad to the scene.
then one xfile.
then one line(ex9)

The ati is back at the manufacturers!
The nvidia seems fine with all the ones you suggetsed, but did flash with one layer of video and a fairly hefty array of quads, and also does as soon as I add another stream of video, yuvtex or not with just 2 quads.
Any ideas?



I file playing in reverse give flashing problems as well (lfo and do seek)

no. actually no new ideas. i asked again about this on the directx forum. this problem is known. and the way vvvv has implemented yuv-texture is the best you can get. on some systems it seems to work without flashes (but with timing problems) on others it won’t. there was no official ms-comment on the problem but i am afraid there is nothing more i can do for now.

please. prove me wrong.

Ahh just seen your reply, hmmm, waiting for ms, wonderful!
I was just going to report that my ati is back, and flashing happens with it as well!
I’m getting so close to my perfect vj app, but really need to play some movie files as well! I’ll try non yuv on the ati, see what happens!
Have you asked on the DX forum, about reverse video playback at all?
Cheers anyway Joreg!


concerning reverse playback of course i also have my knowledge partly of the dshow forum. id should work in theory but nobody knows a set of dshow-filters that would support a speed = -1 setting. it is recommended to try pausing the graph and seeking to indivdual frames as mentioned here before.

or one could write its own dshow-source filter focused on reverse playback. let us know if you’re at it…

btw joreg: wouldnt it be possible to write a freeframe video source filter if someone might like to get rid of directshow playback altogether?

freeframe won’t help here. not with vvvv. since freeframe in vvvv sits on top of directshow.

alternatively we could implement a vfw (videoforwindows = the pre-directshow-api for videoplayback on windows) playback node. it would not handle that many different videoformats as the current filestream does but could probably play backwards and scratch better.

also a native quicktime playback node could help for better scratching and reverse playback…

but…sorry i am starting to fantasize…don’t expect anything soon…

Ahhh, I like fantasy’s!
I wont bank on them then, video does seem a little messed up in this release, I keep migrating back to 8.1, then missing new things and swinging back!
I’ve got span mode working on my laptop again now, so I see 8.1 calling again!


@joreg; but wouldnt a freeframe video source help if someone would have sources for a fast seeking video codec and would wish to make that available in vvvv?

would definitely need some work on the freeframewrapper which does not yet: - support freeframesources

  • support rate directshow rate changes (and whatnot other needed qualitity control stuff)

hm…and i’m not sure if that is really it…
hey but the wrapper is opensource…

Just another update, I’ve been trying out a capture device, in place of movie playback, with live in, there is no flashing, so the problem must lie in the filestream node.


oops it does still flash, I was using the other video texure!