Video texture strange behaviour vvvv10

a new capture card for us : PMS PDI deluxe of pixel magic (sweetspot)

impossible to have stable video using “videotexture VMR9 YUVmixing mode” (+ deinterlacing).

using “videotexture VMR9” video isn’t deinterlaced.

but using “videotexture VMR9” with vvvv9.2 > video is deinterlaced and everything is stable… ??

you mean in 9.2 the “videotexture VMR9 YUVmixing” was stable with deinterlacing? (because “videotexture VMR9” never deinterlaced).

anyway. sad story. i guess we can finally make it official: deinterlacing does not yet work with vvvv. beware of the “yet”. it is not supposed to suggest that deinterlacing will soon work, but only that i have another idea pending what to try to get it working.

good deinterlacing and filestream improvement will put vvvv to another software category