Video texture spread

hi all vvvvreaks,
i just found a problem spreading video texture. if you give filetexture filename string input spreaded it outputs filetexture spread. but in videotexture it wont work.
so anyone know a workaround about this ?

Cant be done!
You have to create seperate filestream nodes

hmm is videotexture buffered at the gfxcard or whats the reason why not?
could someone explain the function and the resources of video texture.
i dont know how its done internaly with D9

this is a design flaw in the current implementation. nodes on based on directshow can not be spreaded. having multiple videos at the same time would lead to performance problems anyway. for now you have to deal with separate nodes. some day…

jep performance problem anyway.
but when i want to split a videotexture to 2 quads or renderers vvvv chrashes. is there any other method to split the videotexture. what i want to do is a preview renderer and a renderer that for main display

a way is to render your main output into a texture with the DX9Texture node and display this on a quad in your preview renderer.

you want to show different parts of the same videotexture on two different quads? just connect both quads with the videotexture and use a seperate transformation on each of the quads Texture Transform pin to chose just a part of the video.

if you want the preview on a different monitor then the display of the video this is only possible in “horizontal span mode” of the graphic driver. if you are in dualview mode a video will always only be visible on one of the displays. for now. we’ll introduce a new videotexture node one day that will solve the problem.