Video Texture again

Now this is weird,
on my nvidia video texture is BW if the texture is POW2Stretched, but OK ig NonPow2, but now my ati (macbook) is BW with either setting! I’ve tried reinstaling drivers, run out of ideas! Im sure avi’s did play fine, I cant think of anything I’ve changed!

can you check the graph via graphedit? i could only think of one of the filters causing a strange format in either setting. i’ve seen that once…long time ago, but don’t have a better understanding of what happend…

On Nvidia its these graphs, Pow2 is Black and white

graph.jpg (61.0 kB)

on the mac book,
Im afraid I know nothing about graph edit, so let me know what they mean!

macbook.rar (2.4 kB)

ja. interesting. i guess those IAT filters came installed with a special video hardware but you actually don’t need them in those cases. you could try deactivating/deleting them like described in the other post by u7angel.

then the graph should not use those special filters. i once got such specialfilters installed with a uncompressed firewirecamera by imagingsource…

haha. graphedit has the same problems as vvvv. i cannot open the mac.graphs you postet, because i am lacking the filters used in there. if you could do some screenshots…

Yup I’ve got an imaging source firewire capture device, not installed on the mac though…
I’ll try and screen grab the graphs for you and post again!
Cheers Joreg


cat…just in case u are looking for direct show filter management software…try Filmerit 2.1

but be careful deleting things…might destroy a running system ;)

Thanks U7 that helped, changing merits in media play didnt work, but Filmerit, found a badly installed pic video driver, and once I deleted that and the IAT I get colour in both modes on Nvidia! And the capture device still works, so thats good too!
Now the macbook!


macbook in colour now too!

hoooorray… no text …