Video synch on multiple PC

HAP shouldnt be a problem. On nvs510 I can smoothly play 8k@30fps

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Ok. Let’s try to summarize. Please correct and add any kind of useful info.

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX/RTX: good for vvvv DirectX, max 4 outputs per GPU, no outputs framelocked, no multi gpu recommended
  • Nvidia NVS: good for vvvv pre-render stuff, max 8 outputs per GPU, output framelocked?, 2 gpu but are they synched?
  • Nvidia Quadro: is good for vvvv? max 4 outputs per GPU, outputs framelocked, multi gpu with Quadro Synch card

What about AMD today? Are AMD GPUs good for vvvv?

  • AMD Radeon RX: similar to Nvidia GeForce, right?
  • AMD FirePro: similar to Nvidia NVS, max 6 outputs, right?
  • AMD Radeon Pro: similar to Nvidia Quadro, max 6 outputs, right?