Video synch on multiple PC

HAP shouldnt be a problem. On nvs510 I can smoothly play 8k@30fps

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Ok. Let’s try to summarize. Please correct and add any kind of useful info.

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX/RTX: good for vvvv DirectX, max 4 outputs per GPU, no outputs framelocked, no multi gpu recommended
  • Nvidia NVS: good for vvvv pre-render stuff, max 8 outputs per GPU, output framelocked?, 2 gpu but are they synched?
  • Nvidia Quadro: is good for vvvv? max 4 outputs per GPU, outputs framelocked, multi gpu with Quadro Synch card

What about AMD today? Are AMD GPUs good for vvvv?

  • AMD Radeon RX: similar to Nvidia GeForce, right?
  • AMD FirePro: similar to Nvidia NVS, max 6 outputs, right?
  • AMD Radeon Pro: similar to Nvidia Quadro, max 6 outputs, right?

Hi guys,
I tried Nvidia NVS 810 to play 1 big hap video on 6 FullHD screens + a control touch screen but I reached very low performance. Max 22-25 fps.
I tried also AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100. Here Windows blue screen when vvvv renderer starts.

I think it is better to use 2 GPU to control 7 FullHD screens with 1 PC. 2 GTX work fine together? I don’t have any experience with Quadro GPU. Do you think 2 Quadro GPU (P1000 or P2000) work fine together to control 7 FullHD monitors?

You can check the GPU Load with GPU-Z
Just check what’s hitting perf most

Hi @antokhio,
I checked with the Nvidia integrated tool and during the playback the GPU of NVS 810 was almost 100%. Do you have any experience with double GPU in 1 PC? I’m going to move to 2 GTX or 2 Quadro.

Well, obviously I do, what I usually advise is one fat GPU like 1080ti and some simpler ones for the outputs, from my observations only the GPU with display marked as primary actually does all work…

I haven’t try with Quadros, but I doubt they are better then regular ones… Make sure you also have PCIx-16 slots

how many outputs are you confortable to handle with 1 pc? video or realtime content ?

my rule has allways been to do max 4x1080p per cpu, but mostly for video. realtime could be tricky to sync/patch

For real-time is really depends on a lot parameters… I would say up to 6 but that would be just a safety feeling…

In general I’d recommend 3 outputs per video card, but it’s hard to get more then 3 video cards on one motherboard…
If you play hap or dds you have to take sdd speed in to account, The biggest res I had was around 8192x8192 on ssd raid-0 with dxt1 FPS around 30…

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@antokhio: did you experience synch problems between the 2 GTX on the same PC?

Hi, well i never had something like that noticible…
This usually an hardware related stuff, like DLP beamears, or extenders…
I doub’t genlocking would save you from that…

Just doubble checked and the res was 6064x8192, and FPS was under 30…